A Comparative Evaluation and Search of Safe and Cost Effective Pulpotomy Medicaments: An In Vivo Study

Firoza Samadi, JN Jaiswal, S Navit, Anju Bansal


In spite of long time and broad use of formaldehyde derivates (fixation agent) in primary tooth pulp treatment, there is some concerns about these derivates such as variability, consistency success rate, mutagenicity, cytotoxicity,allergenicity, and some other potential health hazards of them. Therefore other alternative pulpotomy medicaments like Bioactive glass (BAG), Glutaraldehyde (2%), Hydroxyappetite (HA), Bone dried freezed (BDF), ferric sulfate (15%), laser,Electrosurgery (ES), Bone Morphogenic proteins (BMP), recombinant protein-1 (RP1), and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) have been compared but they are quite expensive.

The aim of the present study was to compare the relative success of formocresol, ferric sulfate and glutaraldehyde as pulpotomy medicaments which are easily available and cost effective, in primary molars, using clinical and radiographic examinations. In the final outcome, though the difference between Formocresol, Glutaraldehyde, Ferric sulfate, showed not much significant difference between them, but the result of 2% Glutaraldehyde was promising than when compared to Ferric sulfate and Formocresol.

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